Want to know more?

In case you need further reassurance that working with me can be useful for you, here are a few answers to questions I face most frequently.

What if we don’t ‘get on’?

I provide a 50 minute initial assesment session FREE OF CHARGE to discover what you would like to achieve from therapy.  If, after this session, you feel we are not a comfortable fit, or you are simply unsure about proceeding there is absolutely no requirement for you to commit further.

Isn’t therapy expensive?

My charges are £50 per session.  On a par with a hair appointment, massage, plumber call-out or car mechanic.  Most people are happy to pay to maintain their appearance, property or car – but what could be more valuable than your mental wellbeing and happiness.

What kind of problems do you work with?

My experience ranges from work life coaching, careers advice and mentoring through to extreme anxiety and phobias, drug and alcohol addiction, suicidal thoughts and severe depression.  I believe talk therapy in all it’s many guises to be useful for all kinds of psychological distress.